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At present, in Rathgar Methodist Church, we keep both hard (= paper) copies and electronic copies of the names, addresses, landline and/or mobile phone numbers of all of our members and their families and adherents, together with any email details. Up until now, this information has been available to the minister, those serving on the Church Council and others who need that information for correspondence and communication purposes. You may see your personal data at any time on request.

In addition, in very particular and limited circumstances, certain other details may need to be supplied by you and passed on to the relevant body for administrative purposes e.g. your PPS number for tax reasons. We also need to keep bank details for those members who contribute to the Stewardship Account. Once again, this is only for essential church-related business.

The names and contact details of the Rathgar Methodist church congregation are only used for church-related purposes. These typically include the following:

To ask members to be involved in some aspect of our Sunday services

To discuss any matter relating to Church Council business

To send greeting cards and letters on behalf of the Church Council/congregation

To send the monthly newsletter by email or by post

To send the pastoral letter in October and May each year

To inform the congregation of special events and arrangements

To coordinate special teams for specific projects and/or events

To facilitate communication between the congregation and the caretaker

To facilitate communication between the Sunday Club staff

To facilitate communication between the members of the MWI

To inform the congregation quickly of a bereavement or other special circumstance

To record baptisms and marriages in our official registers

To keep records of church meetings and other related activities for the church archives



Up until now we have assumed the consent of our members. If you are happy that we continue to use your personal details for church–related purposes only, there is no need for you to take any action. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to have your details permanently deleted from our church records, please contact the minister, Rev. Yongnam Park at [email protected] as soon as possible.