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The Church at Brighton Road Rathgar, Dublin, was opened for public worship on Friday 7th August, 1874.  Five years later the hall, sexton's house and manse were added to the complex and the building scheme was finished by 1893 with the building of the church parlour and kitchen, the installation of the organ and the completion of the spire.  

The rapid development of the work in the Rathgar area meant that by 1919 the church was proving too small for the numbers of people attending and so it was proposed that an extension should take place as a war memorial and include a war memorial window.  This building scheme included the building of the transepts, the choir chancel, the choir room and vestry, the enlargement of the organ and the errection of the war memorial window.

The development of the chirch in Brighton Road has provided Irish Methodism with one of it's most beautiful churches and a congregation which, over the years, has given exceptional service to the kingdom of God and encouraged many of its members to offer for ministry, lay and ministerial, at home and overseas.

Like many other churches, Rathgar has been affected by people moving away from the area and by the general decline in church attendance but the congregation still has the vitality of the past and a conscious sense of purpose and mission.  The church is beautifully maintained and the premises are well used for the benefit of the community at large. 

The generosity and vision of previous generations have provided the Methodist Church of today with a glorious sanctuary and a loyal, worshipping and witnessing community still makes the most of its inheritance.


Text: W Graham Hamilton