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Friday, 01 September 2017 00:00


Gladys Kingston is now living in the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook and is always delighted to receive news and visitors from Brighton Road. We send her our love and very best wishes.



Some of the congregation may not be aware that Iris Thompson has a new grandchild. Graham and Sarah had a baby daughter, Willow, on 12th August and Winter is adapting well to her new role as Big Sister.

We send our congratulations to the whole family.




We say farewell toCatherine Whittle who is relocating back to her home in South Africa for medical reasons. We are grateful for the circumstances which brought her amongst us and for the opportunity to share a little of life’s journey together.

 Ons sal jou mis, maar wens jou God se rykste seëninge in die toekoms in alles wat jy onderneem in sy naam. (We will miss you, but wish you God’s richest blessing in all you undertake in His name in the days to come).



This month, Lesley Rankin shares a little of her faith and call to ministry.

I was born into the Methodist Centenary Church congregation, baptised in 'The Green', received into full membership in Wesley College Chapel and married in Christ Church, Leeson Park, that we shared with the Church of Ireland congregation at the time.  As a Local Preacher in training, I first led a service of worship in the Litton Hall, our present home as a congregation. I am very conscious therefore of our being 'a pilgrim people' and feel that this has been an important part of my own personal faith journey.   I treasure my Methodist upbringing and enjoy sharing with others the origins and practices of 'the people called Methodists'. It is surprising how unthreatening we seem to other denominations with our motto, 'Friends of all and enemies of none' and our open invitation to the Lord's Table. Having said that, I am increasingly aware that we are only one facet of God's Church and I find myself drawn more and more to inter church dialogue and interaction. I believe that when each denomination brings to the table its traditions, strengths, insights and resources to share with everyoneelse that we will all gain inspiration and increased energy from this rich diversity of approach to public worship, personal devotion and service to others. "What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).  How much more confidently we could forge ahead on life's journey in this secular age, if we walked together in trust, respect and mutual support as pilgrims as opposed to competitors.  This I feel is the new challenge facing us as Methodists in the 21st century.



 During this season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”, we spare a thought for some of God’s less attractive creations. This delightful anonymous poem, submitted by Joy Bagster, can be sung to the tune “All things bright and beautiful.”


 All things spray and swattable, disasters great and small,
All things paraquatable, the Lord God made them all.

But what we never mention, though gardeners know it's true
Is, when He made the goodies, he made the baddies too.

The greenfly on the roses, the maggots in the peas,
The slugs that eat the lettuce ,He also gave us these.

The drought that kills the fuchsias, the frost that nips the buds,
The rain that drowns the seedlings, the blight that hits the spuds.

The midges and mosquitos, the nettles and the weeds,
The pigeons in the green stuff, the sparrows on the seeds.


The fly that gets the carrots, the wasps that eat the plums,
How black the gardener's outlook, though green may be his thumbs.

But still we gardeners labour midst vegetables and flowers,
And pray what hits our neighbours will somehow bypass ours.



Hymn 744

Wesley Riddall has been doing some research and has provided this item about the background to hymn 744 in Hymns and Psalms which he found in Hope for Each Day by Dr. Billy Graham:

When he experienced the joy of divine forgiveness, he (CW) told a Moravian friend of his new sense of pardon and added “I suppose I had better keep silent about it”. “Oh, no,” came the reply. “If you had a thousand tongues, you should go and use them all for Jesus ”. Charles Wesley went home and wrote the great hymn, the first verse of which reads:

"O for a thousand tongues to sing

My great Redeemer’s praise,

The glories of my God and King

The triumphs of his grace!"



Rev. Christopher Walpole, who is in the process of moving house, has very kindly presented the Rathgar congregation with two paintings by Muriel Morgan of Charleston Road and Rathgar Methodist Churches. These paintings, which will be of particular interest to a number of our members, are currently on view in the foyer.



The congregation will be interested and encouraged to know that the Mothers’ Union in the Cavan area is supporting our link with God’s Storehouse. As their special winter project this year, the ladies will be providing us with a large number of knitted scarves and hats for distribution out in the west Dublin area. We are extremely grateful for their interest and support.



The next meeting of the Church Council will be at 7.45 pm on Monday 18th September in the church parlour.  It is important for the congregation to know who currently serves on the Rathgar Church Council:

Society Steward: Anne Hagan

Church Council Secretary: Simon McAllister

Correspondence Secretary: Joy Bagster

Treasurer: Alan Gibson

Lettings Manager: Jan Blackmore

Congregational representatives: Janet Stafford, Barry Sheane & David Holmes